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This has to be a joke:

No, seriously, a joke. Remember this?:

Revelations over the weekend that Hercules recall candidate Gerard Boulanger exaggerated his resume has led the Contra Costa Times editorial board to withdraw its endorsement.

And this, this, this, and this?

Boulanger doesn’t.

Of course, Boulanger did not have to resign or not accept his seat (as was once demanded of him), but he has certainly not earned a second term — although he has the right to run. This is what elections are for.

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  1. # Susan Keeffe commented on 27-Jul-12 @ 2:12am

    It is my opinion he thinks he will win.

  2. # Jeff Boore commented on 27-Jul-12 @ 7:50am

    I wonder what proportion of Hercules voters are aware of any of this controversy. I am surprised how often I run into people who say things like, “Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about doing anything with all of that land down by the waterfront?”, so I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people unplugged from local politics and civic affairs. In every town, a lot of people are elected only because they come up “moe” in the voting booth, as in “eenie, meenie, miney . . .”

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